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” I have been going to this dental practice since 1978 and have always had the best of care by a courteous, professional staff.  The office, located in a very peaceful residential/commercial area, has been recently renovated and is updated with state-of-the-art equipment, procedures and technology.”  ~  Jan


“For over 40 years my mouth has visited the dental offices of both Dr. Richard Elias and his renowned grandfather.  My teeth and those of my family have always received the utmost care, professionalism and expertise.  Not just from Dr. Elias, but also from the entire staff.” ~ Dave


” I recently had a tooth removed that had become decayed, and in its place I had a bridge made to attach to some crowns on my front teeth.  The procedure went smoothly with Dr. Rick explaining what each step involved.  The hygienist who assisted was also very reassuring, and after 2 weeks with temporary teeth, the new replacements are truly wonderful! Thank You for my new Smile! ” ~ JDE


“I want to share a great example of exceptional customer service.  Yesterday at lunch, part of my back molar sheared off.  I called my regular dentist, Dr. Elias, and he was the one that answered the phone.  I described my situation and he informed me they were just closing up for the day, but if I could come over right away, he’d check things out.  I proceeded to his office, and after a quick exam he let me know I needed a crown to fix the broken tooth.  I mentioned that I was heading out of the country the following Monday and he said no problem.  Dr. Elias and his assistant Julie stayed after, when they would normally be closed, and put a temporary crown in for me.  There was no hesitation, no issue, they told me it was no problem to stay and take care of my issue.  Talk about dedication and making me feel like I was their only customer, this far exceeded my expectations!  So I want to share my story to demonstrate my appreciation to Dr. Elias, Julie and his entire staff and to let others in our community know about this wonderful dentistry practice and excellent patient care. If you ever need a great dentist, check out, you won’t be disappointed.”
~ Greg


“My experiences with Dr. Elias and his staff have always been excellent. I’ve been a patient for many years now and I’ve always been treated very well. He recently renovated his office which has significantly improved the overall patient experience. I’ve always been very impressed with his use of the latest technology as well. You can instantly see the results of your x-rays, digital images, etc and that always makes it easier for him to explain (and for me to understand) any concerns he may have and what steps may be need to correct them. I highly recommend Dr. Elias for all your dental needs.” ~ Anonymous


“The staff was very professional, the office is clean and inviting, and they do quality work. Would recommend!” ~ Anoymous